The Sir Bani Yas Island project site is located 250km away on the western part of Emirate of Abu Dhabi and about 5km away from mainland (Abu Dhabi). The projects are consisting of two reed bed treatment plant (STP–02 & STP–04). STP–02 is designed to cater the sewage water from Annantara Hotel Complex by gravity line to pumping station (PS–09). STP–04 has similar function to cater the sewage water from Savannah Lodge by gravity line to pump chamber.

STP–02 has four reed bed basins in which two of these basins are for phase–A and the two are for phase–B. In full operation STP–02 has total output of 62.5 m3/day. STP–04 has two reed bed basins, one for phase–A and one for phase–B with total output of 18 m3/day.

The STP–02, 140mm HDPE main rising has a total length of 1,050m from PS–09 to STP–02. The gravity line which is 200mm has a total length of 300m. For STP–04 has total length of 185m for 200mm uPVC of gravity line and with 185m in length for 90mm HDPE pressure line for TSE which is not part of KN scope of work.