The primary purpose of the project is developing concepts for the utilization of the water from 100 dams (48 of which are operating, 52 are under construction or planned), located in the west and south-west of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At a later stage of the project, detailed designs, ready for tendering for water utilization infrastructures shall be provided.

As a first step, as-is assessment of the current situation is crucial. Therefore all dams have been visited; information collected and water samples taken wherever possible. As main criteria for future dam water use, the amount of available water and its quality have been defined. A further criteria is the water demand in the vicinity of the dams (e.g. for agriculture / irrigation or domestic water supply). Phase 1 shall identify dams for further detailed investigation and elaboration of preliminary designs. The third phase comprises detailed design for the construction of water infrastructure facilities, such as pumping stations, reservoirs, pipeline systems and, where applicable and useful, water treatment plants. A further utilization method to be considered is controlled artificial recharge of the downstream wadis (e.g. by means of underground dams and future utilization by shallow groundwater wells). The detailed designs shall be provided for 50 dams.

GIZ/Dornier hired KN Intl. to perform the detailed design of the remaining 28 dams. KN Intl. scope is to prepare the detailed design including design drawings, hydraulic calculation, structural calculation, verification of survey data, mechanical & electrical design and preparation of bill of quantities.