KN Intl was commissioned by Abu Dhabi Municipality to conduct the consultancy services for the development of roads and improving the appearance in front of Al Mafraq Hospital.

The project comprises the development of access roads and junctions of new AI Mafraq Hospital with all associated infrastructure and public realm (beautification, lighting and other services).

The construction contract includes, but is not limited to, all works designed under this contract and other works designed by other authorities, as follows:
• Roads and parking facilities
• Intersections and crossings
• Service corridors
• Storm water (design & connection)
• Public realm within the ROW (all hard and soft landscape works including   pedestrian and cycle routes)
• Lay-bys and taxi / bus stops
• Public realm irrigation
• Traffic signals, Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) & red light violation cameras
• Protection and relocation of existing services (as required)