Being one out of 4 police offers’ housing projects in Western Region for which KN received the client’s approval for the master plans, this development foresees the same 4-bedroom villa prototype as in the area of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain projects.

The out-dated Western Region Municipality Town Planning Affection Plan design was made for 10 single standing villas on 60 x 60m plots. The client’s aim is to increase the land use efficiency by increasing the number of villas to 48 in total. The whole area had been redesigned for semi-detached villas in order to increase the land use efficiency in terms of Estidama principles.

The villas are allocated on small plots of 11.60m x 26m along residential streets reate highly efficient residential cluster with semi-public greenery in walking distance for the inhabitants. A small community pocket-park between the two housing clusters provides Water features such as “Falaj-Water runs” and shaded footpaths as a kind of reminiscence to the nearby Liwa Oasis.

• Earth & Paving/ Road works ( 1500.0 m/l)
• Traffic Signs & Road Marking
• Parking areas (84 Nos.)
• Street Lighting & Landscape Lighting
• Storm Water Network
• Sewerage & Water network
• Irrigation Network& Irrigation Pumping station works
• Electrical & Telephone Network and Substation works
• Landscaping (Hardscape & Soft Landscape) works
• Water features such as “Falaj-Water runs”