The government of the State of Qatar via the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) intends to carry out a comprehensive rehabilitation and maintenance project for eleven (11) well fields with a total number of thirty eight (38) wells to meet the need of potable water in case of emergency situation, as well as to provide an alternative water resource to sea water desalination. The depth of the wells in project area is range between 17 - 60 meters and TDS range between 1000 to 6000 mg/l.

Qatar is known for its scarcity of renewable water resources and its limited fresh ground water resources. The main aquifer system in Qatar is composed mainly of limestone and dolomite & is separated by an aquitard or/and aquiclude or both which have eventually reduced well productivity and effected to a large degree the water quality.

Kahramaa awarded Dornier as the lead consultant for the project. KN International was employed by Dornier as the consultant for design and supervision of the RO unit and all above ground structures as specified below:
- Reverse osmosis mobile Units
- Evaporation pond
- Roads
- Fence
- Lighting and electrical works
- Storage tanks
- Tanker filling stations
- Interconnecting pipes
- Solar power system