The subject project is located 350km away on the western side of the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The project area is planned as for development of residential housing complex (residential developments in Al Sila’a for Emirati housing). This development is one of the Emirati neighbourhoods identified in the “Plan Al Gharbia 2030”.

The proposed development is located adjacent to existing Emirati neighbourhood villas and it lies to the west of the current town centre. The total project area of 137ha is planned to have 448 residential, 1 school, 1 community centre, 4 mosques, 1 retail and 3 retail/community plots allocated.

KN Intl. was awarded to conduct the design, construction and coordination overview of all related sewerage works including 15km of pipe works ranging 150-300mm diameter, 245 GRP manholes, 464 GRP plot connections and connection to existing networks.