A luxurious timeless desert resort with the vision of the family and guest experiencing the desert with all its natural and leisure facets under mounted with a timeless Arabian charm. Focused emphasis on landscape and natural inspired poolside area, providing entertainment areas and several seating options, well connected through paths and compressed sand areas. Lightings are indirect and settled not bright, natural elements to be used to accommodate the fittings. The hideaway resort offers an authentic experience, with its privacy and comfort, enjoying the outdoor in its fullest.

The desert RESORT will host up to 20 guests and 10 staff members, including kitchen facilities and garage for quarts and outdoor furniture.

The Construction Contract includes, but is not limited to, all Works designed under this contract and Other Works as follows:

 Master Plan
 Roads and parking facilities
 Landscape design
 Irrigation design
 Artificial dunes grading
 Infrastructure design (water, power, lighting, irrigation & sewerage)
 Foundation Design for the main majilis building, two suite buildings, 4 units of double luxury tents, gym building and staff accommodation
 MEP Designs