The subterranean nature of this science centre is designed to focus not only on the vast magnificence of the surrounding desert, but also to capture the UAE’s relatively short history as well as its potential for future development.

The centre is aimed at a wide variety of visitors, from the general public to school groups, all of whom will be able to experience the real essentials of the desert by way of interactive exhibitions and virtual reality experiences. These visual tours will take you through various scenarios, all aimed at providing an insight into the desert’s different landscapes, times and climates.

Scientists from all over the world will be able to study the extraordinary biodiversity of the desert. Modern farming and climate change, the future of the desert, the dry lands and will find answer to the question if the dry lands will be stable in future than in the past.

Visitors from around the globe can visit and get updated with the latest scientific research results and they can learn to take responsibility in their daily life cycle.