Western Region Municipality requested assistance to develop a landscaping conceptual design for “Shabia Khalifa in Madinat Zayed” residential development under a program of landscaping works for the unused areas adjacent to the existing villas in Shabia Khalifa Madinat Zayed.

The individual design concept was primarily derived from an understanding of the municipality’s aspiration to promote and enhance the quality of life for the community, coupled with the requirement to cater for the community’s emerging recreation needs.

Vitality, variety and exuberance are the themes running through the landscaping design. In developing the landscaping program for each zone the following issues have been considered:
• Create a pleasant atmosphere and promote a sense of place with safe,     functional and attractive facilities that meet end users’ needs in each zone
• Provide connectivity between the neighborhood
• Effective circulation without blocking pedestrian movements
• Views in and out will be filtered rather than solidly enclosed
• Focal points in the form of vertical structures
• Play areas divided into different age categories: 0-4 years, 5-8 years and     teenagers. Basic play equipment in narrow areas for small children along the     minor routes, whilst a main dedicated large play area is located in a central     area for older children to use