Within the Industrial City Abu Dhabi Mussafah (ICAD II), IMCC has a plot 364m x 484m beside the sea. On the plot the following constructions for the heavy steel construction industry has to be developed as shown on the site layout proposal.

The plot is on reclaimed land, leveled and has a slight slop form south to north – to the sea side ending with a 580 meters long jetty for heavy duty loading and unloading. The plot is finished off / covered with catch material.

The scope includes the following:
• Fabrication building
• Warehouse
• Administration building
• Mosque
• Jetty / marine works
• Heavy duty loading area
• Roads and parking
• Utilities (water, power, telecom, sewerage, storm water, street light, firefighting)
• Infrastructure buildings (pumping station, reservoir, substation, gas storage)