Al Gharbia is the western region of the emirate of Abu Dhabi. This vast region spreads over an area of 60,000 square kilometers and borders with two neighboring countries of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Al Gharbia is considered the nexus of traditional and modern Emirati society. The population of the region is expected to grow due to the different development being proposed in the area. Hence, sewage generated from this development is likely to increase.

For this reason ADSSC appointed KN Intl. to have an overview of all private and public infrastructure projects in the Western Region related to sewerage works.

Part of the scope is to overview the Bida Al Mutawa development. The project Consultant responsible for the works is M/s Dorsch, appointed by Musanada. Orient House will provide the design, construction completion & maintenance of infrastructure, 60 villas and mosque (design and built contract). Development area is approximately 323,000m2 (850m X 380m). It will have a total population of 420 capita. The scope for sewerage works includes the following:
- Sewerage collection system with diameter of OD160-225mm
- Total sewerage network length of 2,530m
- Maximum depth of 4m for sewer excavation
- Peak flow of 616 m3/d