KN International has been requested to provide the infrastructure master plan for Mirfa as part of the UPC “Plan Al Gharbia 2030”. It is designed to help Al Gharbia to evaluate and respond to current and future development needs and to introduce a comprehensive set of policies for development of the region and its individual communities.

The objective of the utility master plan is to provide a conceptual framework of various infrastructure networks necessary to service the community.

Coordination with the local utility authorities has occurred during the preparation of this master plan to ensure an acceptable concept.

The following tasks are some of the services provided by KN:

Data collection and detailed infrastructure master planning of the following:
- 170km of sewage pipelines ranging from 150-900mm diameter, 3,600 numbers of manholes, upgrading of   existing sewage treatment plant (STP), 2 sewage pumping stations
- 290km of storm water drainage pipelines ranging from 300-2500mm diameter, 5,700 numbers of manholes, 11,500 gullies
- 9km of TSE and irrigation pipelines, 2 reservoir, 3 irrigation pumping stations Close liaison with all concerned statutory authorities involved Preparation of drawings, schedules, cost estimates, design calculations, design guidelines etc.