KN has been requested to develop 4 different master plan proposals for making a difference in current urban planning.

The key components of each proposal are:

• ‘Fajeers’, small villages of 170 – 200 residential units each in order to create a harmonious life and a convenient urban style
• ‘Focus points’ in the heart of the city with all necessary public installations and amenities
• ‘Identity’ by own public squares, by daily mosque and adjacent kindergarten
• ‘Accessibility’ through central and exuberant greened boulevards leading into residential roads of different urban quarters
• ‘Central spine’ as a main vibrant spine combining Friday mosque, sports fields and parks
• ‘Structural elements’ serving as the main elements forming the city centre such as apartments, shops, schools and leisure activities giving the whole development a strong and clear shaped urban configuration
• ‘Phasing’ along both sides of the main access boulevard to have a complete functional range of urban elements in the first range which helps to attract the future inhabitants
• ‘Typology’ of different housing types flexible enough to react on further housing demands without changing the overall design concept